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Archive for February 2012

12:235-3.1 Initial Pleadings for NJ Work Injury Cases

(a)        Claim petitions shall be subject to the following:

1.         The claim petition may be filed electronically or on paper.

2.         Claim petitions filed on paper shall be verified by the claimant and include the date of the signature and verification. The formal hearing process shall be initiated by the filing of a verified claim petition in duplicate with the central office of the Division within the time prescribed by law on a form prescribed by the Division. Claim petitions filed electronically shall follow the procedures in (c) below. If an attorney for the petitioner knowingly files an incomplete or inaccurate petition any fee that may be awarded may be reduced by 15 percent or $200.00, whichever is greater.

3.         Except as provided in subsection (a)2 above, all paper pleadings, motions and briefs shall be signed by the attorney of record, or the attorney’s associate or by the party if pro se. Signatures of a firm may be typed, followed by the signature of an attorney of the firm. Signatures on any duplicate original or carbon copy required to be filed may be typed. Every paper to be filed shall bear the date on which it was signed.

4.         The signature of an attorney or party pro se constitutes a certification that the signatory has read the pleading or motion; that to the best of the signatory’s knowledge, information and belief there is good ground to support it.

5.         Material allegations, if known, shall be stated. Material allegations   include a description of the accident or occupational exposure, the nature of the injury, the date and place of the occurrence, the wage, compensation benefits provided to date, a description of all other claims made for this injury and all other information requested on the prescribed form.

6.         Claim petitions by or on behalf of a worker seeking compensation for injury caused by an accident shall describe the date, place and description of the accident, the injury, the name and address of the employer, the name and address of the treating provider, the name of the compensation insurer and all other pertinent information required by the Act and these rules.

7.         Claim petitions filed by dependents for benefits provided by N.J.S.A. 34:15-13 shall set forth the identity, address, relationship and date of birth of all dependents, the social security number of the decedent, the date and cause of death, whether compensation benefits were paid or claimed during the deceased’s lifetime, and the type and amount of benefits claimed. To the extent applicable, the petitioner shall comply with the information required for accidental injury claims or occupational disease claims. Multiple claims arising from one decedent shall be consolidated for disposition.

8.         All known multiple occupational claims by a worker or dependent against the same respondent employer shall be joined in one petition. Claim petitions for occupational disease as defined by N.J.S.A. 34:15-31 which are filed on behalf of a worker shall describe the dates, place and description of the exposure and the injury or illness claimed to have occurred as a result of the exposure. The occupational disease petition shall include the name and address of the employer(s) and the identity of its compensation insurer for the pertinent period of time as well as all other information required in filing a claim petition required by this section. The Division shall notify all parties of disposition.

9.         Vague or evasive pleadings may be stricken or a claim petition  dismissed without prejudice on motion brought by a party or the Judge of Compensation on notice. Claim petitions which merely describe the injury or illness by generic definition, such as orthopedic, internal, neuropsychiatric or similar terms without description of the particular injury shall be considered vague or evasive.

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